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Dog Food

Many local farmers buy our "dog tucker".  Our jumbo dog rolls (5kg) are very popular and we also have beef or mutton brisket bones as well as frames. 

Please contact us for your bulk orders as the popularity of these products mean that we do run out frequently!


Stock ProcurementView from Harris Family Farm towards Kaikoura ranges

Harris Meats purchases stock mainly from the North Canterbury region.  We strongly believe in reducing the miles an animal has to travel.  We also want to see the farmer get a fair deal.  

Harris Meats also continually monitors the market to ensure our prices are competitive.   Your local stock agent should suggest Harris Meats as an option for your stock to be sent to; if they don't, then ask.   You will find our price as good as any, and there will be less deductions from your final cheque (ie commission and transport costs).

If you have any queries, don't hesitate to contact Bryan directly on 03 3198 761.  

Beef Specifications                                     

Harris Meats' optimum weight range criteria is 215 kg - 265 kgs.

Deductions for Heifers & Steers


  •             0/300 kg : minus 10c per kg
  •             180 kg - 190 kg : minus 40 c per kg
  •             u/180 : minus $1.00 per kg


  • P1/P2 – 180 – 300 kg
  • T – minus 20c/kg
  • F – minus 40c/kg
  • L - minus  50 c/kg
  • PTF3 – minus 50c/kg
  • 6 permanent incisors female-cow schedule
  • 6 permanent incisors steer- minus 50 cents per KG
  • All as per NZMPB Guide

 Maximum of 4 permanent incisors; No Hormone Growth Promotants; Steers & Heifers only; No Heifers that have calved; No straight Fresian breed beef.  Contact us if you need to discss this further.


  • Manufacturing Grade – minus 10c/kg
  • Minus another 40c/kg – U/170kg

PREPARATION FOR TRANSPORT:  Cattle must be yarded overnight , off feed prior to delivery.  Cattle waiting for transport must have access to fresh drinking water. Horned cattle to be penned separately.  Animals must be able to stand and bear weight on all limbs and be fit enough to withstand the journey without causing undue stress or pain.

ENSURE ALL ANIMALS SENT FOR PROCESSING ARE CLEAN:  Washing and preparation at the processing plant adds cost and may lower meat quality because of animal stress.

STOCK AGENTS PLEASE NOTE:  Transport companies to be notified by 9am by the day prior to delivery of stock to Harris Meats.  Stock Agents must advise farmers of our spec sheet requirements prior to purchase of stock.

ANIMAL STATUS DECLARATIONS:  Cattle will not be accepted without a current Animal Status Declaration and it must be filled out correctly by the stock owner or farm manager NOT the stock agent.   Incorrectly filled out, or stock not arriving at Harris Meats without an ASD may incur a charge to the stock owner or result in the stock not being able to be killed. 

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