We've got a long list of medals and awards over the years, but we've just going to mention the latest ones!  

November 2009:   New Zealand Sausage Competition

  • Gold Medal - Bratwurst sausage  
  • Gold Medal - pre-cooked sausage
  • Silver Medal - Saveloys

September 2009:   New Zealand Bacon Competition

  • Silver Medal, shoulder bacon
  • Silver Medal - middle eye (Danish) bacon



2009 Glammies:

  • Bronze Medal, Retailers section

2009 Steak of Origin:

  • Silver Medal, retailers section


One of the other key factors we believe is behind our success is our ability to ensure quality control throughout the whole butchery process; from the farm and yards, through the abattoir, the boning room and the small goods area



We've won lots of awards over the years.   Pictured here is the Harris Meats team after we won some gold medals in one of the sausage competitions a few years back. Click here to find out more details including about our gold medal winning sausages.

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