A carcass being tender hungProducing tender and tasty beef has been Harris Meats' mission for sixty years.  The key to our beef being so tender and tasty is the process we use, especially during the all important chilling and storage phase.

We introduced tender hanging after seeing it used successfully overseas.   Tender hanging involves hanging the carcass from the pelvic cavity before rigor mortis sets in, rather than the conventional way of hanging the carcass from the hock.   This means the legs and muscles are resting in a more natural position than when the carcass is suspended from the hock.   The muscles are stretched rather than being allowed to contract, especially those in the hindquarters and back, the areas where the premium cuts are sourced.

Having one of the few independent licensed abattoirs left in New Zealand gives us the flexibility and opportunities that other meat processors cannot replicate easily on a larger scale.  Tender hanging beef does take more time, care, space and labour but, for our discerning customers, it is worth it to produce a superior steak.Conventional hanging alongside tender hung carcasses

 The photo to the left shows a carcass being tender hung.  The photo on the right shows traditionally hung carcasses next to Bryan, with some carcasses on the right hand side being tender hung. 

The steaks served at Pegasus Bay Vineyard restaurant are tender hung as is the beef at many of our other restaurant customers in Kaikoura, Amberley and Hanmer Springs.

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