We haven't been entering competitions much recently, but here's some of our results from previous years. 

After a gap in entering in the many competitions, we did enter in the 2016 Bacon awards and won a silver medal for a dry cured bacon.

Prior awards include:

Steak of Origin 2013 

2nd in the Retail section 

Ham Competition 

2nd in the 2012 competition. 

2013 Sausage Competition

Our Old English sausage was one of 14 sausages which qualified for the Grand Final of the 2012 Sausage competition.  We also won a gold medal for our Tomato & Basil sausage and three bronze medals for our frankfurter, saveloy and the ever-popular pork sausage.

Canterbury Business Awards

Finalist in the Exceptional Employer final in 2012.  Winner of the Exceptional Customer Service awards in 2010.  

680_businessawards2We have won many awards in the various meat industry competitions.   In fact, so many we haven't kept this page up to date! Latest awards are:

2012 Sausage Competition

Old English sausage GOLD & 1 of 14 sausages qualifying for the Grand Final of the 2012 Sausage competition

Tomato & Basil sausage GOLD

Frankfurter BRONZE

Saveloy BRONZE 

Pork sausage BRONZE

Full results here

2012 HAM Competition

SILVER Medal for Harris Meats Ham on the Bone

2009 was a great year, we won awards in every meat industry competition - the only butcher in the whole of New Zealand to do so.  Other awards are:

2012 Glammies:  We were 2nd and 4th in the Retail section of the 2012 Glammies (Golden Lamb awards). Congratulations also to Sarah Rodie of Amberley who won the Composite Cross Breed section - her lamb was processed at Harris Meats. The Prime Minister, John Key, was one of the judges. More information can be found on the Beef & Lamb website.

2011 Glammies:   3rd and 4th in the retail section

2010 Sausage Competition:   2 two gold medals for our Gourmet Pork sausage and our Texan Chilli sausage. Silver medals for Beef & Mustard and Bronze medal for our pre-cooked sausage.  

May 2010:   3rd in Steak Of Origin Competition (Retail section)

The New Zealand Sausage Competition, 2009

  • - Gold Medal for our Bratwurst sausage
  • - Gold Medal for our Pre-Cooked sausage
  • - Silver Medal for our Saveloy

The New Zealand Bacon Competition, 2009

  • - Silver Medal for our shoulder bacon
  • - Silver Medal for our middle eye (Danish) bacon

The Steak of Origin (Sirloin) 2009

  • - Silver medal in the Wholesale & Food Services section

The Glammies (New Zealand Lamb) 2009

  • - Bronze medal in the retail section
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