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After loving my MasterChef NZ experience (where I got to the top 5), I've been experimenting with recipes and here's a few for you. 

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Steak Cooking Tips

Trim off any excess fat, and cut through any remaining fat or gristle on the edge to prevent curling.

Brush the meat with the merest touch of oil to prevent it sticking to the pan. This may not be necessary if your pan is well seasoned or non-stick. Add a little ground black pepper if desired, some say to season the meat first with salt, whereas others say not to season until after the meat is cooked as it will draw the juices from the meat.

Heat a heavy-based grill pan or barbecue to very hot. Do not add oil or fat to the pan. Place the steak onto the hot surface and turn it about half way through the cooking time to seal the other side and complete the cooking.

Check for readiness by pressing meat with tongs or your fingertips. Rare beef feels spongy, medium is slightly firmer and well done feels firm.

Let the steak rest for 2-4 minutes before serving.
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